Leather furniture (e.g. sofas, recliners, car seats, office furniture) is extremely durable and an excellent investment. However, over time body oils, perspiration and sunlight can diminish the appearance of leather furniture. Evidence of wear is highly noticeable so to ensure it continues to add that touch of class cleaning and maintenance is important! The benefits of leather cleaning include:

  • keeps your furniture looking and feeling like new (protects against drying and cracking);

  • prolongs the life of the leather colour (protects from fading).

Accredited Carpet Care and Pest Management (ACCPM) can help you prevent wear on your furniture and keep it looking great! Our leather cleaning process includes:

  • applying and gently agitating a cleaner by hand to the leather to release any dirt;

  • applying a conditioner to rehydrate the leather and give it back its soft comfortable feel; and

  • applying a protector to the leather so to hold moisture and prevent drying and cracking.

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Photo: This leather lounge came up a treat!

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