It can be a stressful time when water inundates your home or business - but when it happens it is critical to call a certified water damage restoration technician as soon as possible! Quick restoration is required because:

  • without it flooded buildings can take weeks to dry out;

  • the health and safety of building occupants is compromised by unresolved standing water (standing water can harvest disease, virus and bacteria);

  • water underneath the floor can cause rot and deterioration of building foundations; and

  • water can penetrate, corrode and damage electrical equipment and wiring endangering people.

Accredited Carpet Care and Pest Management (ACCPM) has been doing water damage restoration work in the Brisbane and Ipswich metro areas and outer suburbs for over 16 years. We offer a 24hr emergency service so to provide an immediate response to your water damage needs. Our accredited technicians will bring a wealth of knowledge to your job. Depending on the nature of the damage, our technicians will:


  • conduct a site assessment of the job (and provide a written report where required);

  • extract any standing water;

  • raise furniture;

  • dry and clean the carpets, any effected upholstered furniture or tiled area;

  • deodorise and disinfect the carpets and any effected upholstered furniture;

  • remediate mould and remove odour;

  • lift carpets and install dryers, replace carpets when dry;

  • permanently lift carpets and remove from premises.

To ensure the quickest drying time in all types of weather we can install commercial dryers and dehumidifiers.

Call us to discuss your problem with technicians certified in Water Damage Restoration through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Our company is a proud member of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

Photo: Mould accumulating under the carpet. 

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