Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane today

I have been cleaning carpets for 16 years and have seen changes with regards to technology and advancements with achieving an amazing result

There are 3 Types of carpet on the market today

Wool, Nylon and Polypropylene

Wool's good points

Feels great to touch and nice and soft

Natural fibre

hides dirt a little better then Poly

Wool's Bad points

Harder to clean

Is prone to be eaten by a tiny moth

Difficult to remove dye or rust stains

Expensive to buy

Nylons good points

Easier to clean

Much tougher then Wool and much more durable

Much easier to remove difficult stains

Will withstand some UV light exposure

Nylons Bad Points

Not as soft as wool

Not always able to remove dye stains

Polypropylene Good Points

Really easy to clean ( If cleaned correctly)

Extremely durable and hard wearing

Great for a rental property

Polypropylene Bad Points

Pure plastic carpet and feels hard to touch

dragging heavy furniture will leave a friction burn on the carpet

Really sensitive to heat like dropping a cigarette on the carpet will leave a significant burn mark

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